Keebo in 1-2-3

How Data Learning Works


1. Connect

Connect your dashboards to Keebo


2. Auto Learn

Keebo automatically learns your data & maintains smart models


3. Accelerate & Save

Your queries will run up to 100x faster and use fewer compute resources

Top 3 Reasons Companies Are Excited About Keebo

Use Case Scenarios

While every company is different, these are some of the common reasons industry leaders have chosen Keebo.

Improve User Experience

When the data is large or the query is complex, dashboards can become frustratingly slow. This negatively affects user experience. By accelerating queries, Keebo enables users to interact with their dashboards in real-time  (even add new filters on-the-fly!) and still get results back in 2 seconds or less.

Reduce Human Costs

Significant engineering resources are wasted on tedious performance-related tasks, from writing nightly batch jobs that summarize data to creating materialized views that speed up dashboards. By automating performance improvement, Keebo allows highly-skilled engineers to focus on business-improving tasks rather performance-improvement tasks.

Cut Compute Costs

With the rise of cloud-based data warehousing, excessive compute costs have become a main concern, especially when BI tools need to be used in  a “live connection” mode. With Keebo, queries finish orders of magnitude faster, allowing companies to employ significantly smaller cluster sizes, and hence reduce their compute bills without worrying about their query performance.


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White Paper

Learn about Keebo’s architecture, main benefits, and the user experience

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Keebo is built to the highest security standards. Learn why Keebo is safe and secure

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Performance Benchmarks

See the average speedup delivered by Keebo for Snowflake and Redshift queries

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