Fully automated Snowflake optimization

Our robots never stop working–and you only pay a percentage of the savings.

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product WO fully automated

Fully automated

  • Automatically optimizes warehouse size, clustering, and memory
  • Finds savings without impacting performance
  • Learns and adjusts to workload changes in real time


  • Setup in minutes, see results in 24-48 hours
  • No changes needed to your warehouse or applications
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  • Uses only telemetry metadata–never access user data
  • Adjustable for complex scenarios and schedules
  • Fully auditable
  • KPI reports

The old way: manual tuning

Tedious & costly: hundreds of data engineering hours with no end in sight.

Ineffective & error-prone: humans cannot accurately optimize everything.

Never ending: workloads constantly change, requiring new optimizations.

The Keebo way: automatic

Operational in thirty minutes and with no manual effort afterwords.

Automatically trains data learning models to choose the best optimizations.

Adapts to changes in real-time.

You are in control

  • Turn optimizations on or off for each warehouse as needed
  • Set the balance between cost savings and query performance
  • Enable or disable specific optimizations
  • View the KPI dashboard to see savings, query performance, and projected savings

    Keebo only needs metadata and does not access user or business data.

SOCKeebo’s cybersecurity controls are SOC2 certified

product WO you are in control

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“I went from ‘this sounds too good to be true’ to ‘this is a no brainer’ after one week of trial.” – Director of BI, Team Velocity


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