Fully automated
query acceleration

Stop the spinning wheel of doom without changing your code.

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Fully automated

  • Constantly analyzes data distribution, queries, data freshness, and storage budget
  • Automatically builds smart models to accelerate queries
  • Automatically rewrites queries on-the-fly
  • Adapts to workloads and data changes


  • Setup in minutes with a one-line change, see results in a couple days
  • No changes needed to your warehouse or applications
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  • Data stays in your warehouse
  • Control optimizations for your workload, scenarios, and schedule
  • Get visibility with reports on results, performance, and costs

The old way

Work: endless hours manually optimizing queries with trial and error, falling ever behind with changes.

Extract: build and maintain extracts that get stale with constantly changing conditions.

Migrate: try a specialized, high performance analytics database that requires you to move and transform data.

Compromise: settle for fewer tiles on your dashboard or otherwise limit the capability of your BI tools.

The Keebo way

Relax: automated machine learning, constantly detecting and adapting to changes.

Go live: operate on your full data set for timely insights even when workloads and data change.

Leverage: keep the warehouse and tools you already have in place.

Enrich: utilize the full power of your BI tools by allowing for rich and interactive dashboards.

You are in control

  • No changes needed to warehouse or applications
  • Enable or disable acceleration with a click
  • Set budget and freshness parameters and see estimated daily cost
  • View the Keebo dashboard to see savings, view data models, and try queries

    Data and query results stay in your data warehouse.

SOCKeebo’s cybersecurity controls are SOC2 certified

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Let’s get started

“I went from ‘this sounds too good to be true’ to ‘this is a no brainer’ after one week of trial.” – Director of BI, Team Velocity


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