Evaluation guide: Snowflake Warehouse Optimization

4 steps to learn how Keebo is the smartest decision you’ll make since getting Snowflake

warehouse optimisation

Step 1: How Keebo Works

Keebo Savings Portal

Keebo monitors millions–even billions–of data points every day and automatically optimizes warehouse size, memory, and clusters.

Keebo Settings

Keebo is fully automatic, but you still stay in control over optimizations and can create rules for specific schedules an scenarios.

Step 2: Security and Compliance

Security overview

Keebo’s warehouse optimization does not access user data. See Keebo’s security architecture and the Snowflake metadata we read.

Security setup

See the Snowflake users, roles, and permissions you will set for Keebo. It takes only a few minutes to setup, and it is minimal in scope.

Step 3: Pricing

You pay only a percentage of the savings

  • Purchase Keebo credits
  • For each Snowflake credit Keebo saves you, you use 1 Keebo credit
  • Each Keebo credit costs a fraction of a Snowflake credit
  • Unused credits rollover
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Step 4: Free Trial

Ready to see the savings for yourself? We’d love to get you started on a 2-week free trial of Keebo. Review our trial checklist and then schedule 30 minutes with us for setup.