The key to this mutual success is:

1. Fast Time to Value

Keebo delivers measurable results quickly and builds on this success daily.

2. Quick Setup

Keebo is a transparent drop-in solution that takes 30 minutes to set up from start to finish!

3. Zero Effort

Once running, Keebo automatically self-learns your workload, optimizes your workload, and reduces your costs.

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Case Studies

Barstool Sports Cuts Costs by 70% with Keebo’s Automated Optimizations

It was a really easy decision for us to trial and keep Keebo in our infrastructure because of how easy it was to integrate and how immediate and apparent the benefits were. With Keebo, we can focus on delivering value instead of spending time worrying about costs.

– Head of Backend Engineering, Barstool Sports

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PayJoy cuts Snowflake data warehousing costs by 21% with Keebo

Keebo takes care of the things that I don’t want to think about or deal with. It requires no work on my end. Even if I loved manual optimization, I couldn’t possibly achieve what Keebo achieves automatically.

– Head of Analytics, PayJoy

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Team Velocity Curbs Snowflake Costs with Keebo in 24 Hours

I went from ‘this sounds too good to be true’ to ‘this is a no brainer’ after one week of trial.

– Director of Business Intelligence, Team Velocity

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