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Team Velocity executes marketing campaigns for clients across the automotive industry using technology platforms that power the complete customer journey. Brands trust Team Velocity to deliver unparalleled campaign management that digitizes the customer experience with hyper-personalized communications for maximized ROI and dealer growth.


Team Velocity relied on Snowflake for their data management. However, growing needs and usage led leaders to look for ways to curb costs without cutting corners on data needs.




Growing Costs

While Snowflake has appealing costs for entry, excessive data, inefficient queries, and suboptimal schemas all lead to ballooning warehousing costs over time. At Team Velocity, reigning in these fees was top priority. “Snowflake is an extremely forgiving product and so in the early stages of adoption, while we moved quickly to hit milestones, it allowed us to place less emphasis on efficiency. That eventually caught up with us and required that we pay attention to our cloud budget,” said John de Kock, Director of Business Intelligence, Team Velocity.

Freeing up engineering resources

The company was also investing valuable staff time to managing Snowflake as costs increased steadily with data footprint. The right solution for Team Velocity would not only address costs but also reduce the strain on already busy team members. “While we are happy with Snowflake, the majority of my time should be focused on understanding our own data and extract insights that help our business, not necessarily monitoring our warehouse costs,” shared De Kock.


Keebo provided Team Velocity with near immediate results that addressed the need to both save time and money without compromising Snowflake’s data management advantages. Keebo integrated effortlessly with existing data technology stacks so users could keep their existing setup without the need to make changes or migrate to new platforms in order to optimize their performance.

I went from ‘this sounds too good to be true’ to ‘this is a no brainer’ after one week of trial.

Turnkey Deployment

Implementation of Keebo for Team Velocity was seamless. “There were a few scripts we had to run and then we just sat back and watched it go to work,” said De Kock. “That initial process of educating us on what Keebo does, how it works, what we should be looking out for, that was fantastic. The set up was dead-on easy.” The strength of the Keebo platform was its ability to deliver savings with minimal user effort. For tens of thousands in net savings in just a short period of time, “we’ve had to do nothing for it.” The savings translated to the bottom line with no interruption to team performance or priorities. “I went from ‘this sounds too good to be true’ to ‘this is a no brainer’ after one week of trial,” said De Kock.

For tens of thousands in net savings in just a short period of time, we’ve had to do nothing for it.

Hands-off design

Keebo is designed to quietly and efficiently optimize data while passing along savings to customers. These performance improvements happen under the radar while teams continue to manage their day-to-day tasks. “Keebo absolutely hit the mark. It’s been effortless without the need to follow or monitor a dashboard or usage on a daily basis,” explained De Kock. “I don’t have to monitor and tweak and fine tune the settings, even though I can.”

Switching to Keebo brings about savings without having to do anything more to change your processes. It doesn’t make sense NOT to use Keebo if you are utilizing Snowflake in any capacity.

Optimized data management

With Snowflake costs and day-to-day operations under control, Team Velocity was able to allocate resources to other pressing issues including data migrations and building new solutions. “Now I don’t have to worry about the cost sticker on the other side,” said De Kock, freeing Team Velocity’s technical staff to be more mindful of other projects on their plate. “Keebo gives us the flexibility to use the best warehouse for the problem and avoid forced warehouse migrations or dedicating additional engineering time to streamlining data costs.”

Realized cost savings

The savings within just a few months were significant for Team Velocity. “We are bending the cost curve in our favor, growing data and analysis faster than costs.” Keebo’s automated optimizations cut Team Velocity’s overall Snowflake costs by 36%. “Optimizing gave us a bit of breathing room to say that our costs are under control again,” said De Kock. “We can save money without doing anything. You know, you set it up, it’s saving you money, you don’t have to worry about it.”

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