Four Reasons to Use Keebo to Auto Optimize Snowflake

In How to simplify Snowflake Optimization, you learned about the four types of Snowflake optimizations: 

  • Ingestion Optimization
  • Query Optimization
  • Schema Optimization
  • Warehouse Optimization  

And by reading Keebo’s Complete Guide to Optimizing Snowflake’s Cost and Query Performance, you learned how Keebo could easily automate these complex optimizations for you.

While these provide the what and how you also need to know the “how much?” In other words, what are the benefits?

Reason 1 – Save Time

Keebo Data Learning fully automates your crucial performance-related activities such as query optimization, performance tuning, data aggregation, schema tweaking, and more. 

Automation frees up your data teams for higher-value activities and lets them avoid tedious manual work. With streamlined processes in place, your data teams create data products more efficiently, thus shortening the time to delivery.  

And you don’t have to wait long for your time savings.  Keebo Data Learning deploys in minutes and delivers results in hours, with zero code, zero effort, and zero migration.

Reason 2 – Save Money

Not only does Keebo optimize your Snowflake environment for high performance, it automatically fine-tunes your Snowflake configurations 24×7 to gain every bit of cost savings that are possible. 

“While your mileage may vary,” Keebo customers typically save 30 to 50% or more. 

And you get those savings at no cost because you pay Keebo just a tiny percentage of your overall Snowflake savings. That’s a great deal.   

Reason 3 – Gain Peace of Mind 

Keebo Data Learning monitors your Snowflake environment 24×7, gaining essential insights on workloads, performance, bottlenecks, and more. 

Rigorous performance engineering and machine learning techniques dynamically reset resources to current conditions, becoming more intelligent and performant over time.  

Once established by Keebo, your can rest assured that your Snowflake optimization will continue. 

Reason 4 – Futureproof Your Snowflake Investment

Keebo Data Learning works not only with Snowflake but also with your other data platforms and tools. 

As a unified and platform-independent solution for Query Acceleration, Warehouse Optimization, Workload Intelligence, and more, Keebo lets you save even more time, more money, and gain even more peace of mind as your optimization requirements expand.  

Seeing Is Believing

You can quickly see how Keebo delivers savings within 24 hours, requiring only five minutes to set up. And you can try Keebo risk-free for two weeks to optimize up to five of your Snowflake warehouses for free. Book a demo and request a trial here.