The Pros and Cons of Italian Sports Cars

Ferrari and Lamborghini sports cars are some of the most impressive automobiles in the world. Sleek, fast, exclusive, and extremely fun to drive, what’s not to love?

Well, it is hard to love all those high costs, for example: 

  • First, they have an extremely high price, base models start at over $200,000, and it’s possible to pay several times more.
  • Second, not known for reliability, their parts are more expensive than cars with higher production volumes, as are labor costs due to the specialized technicians required. 
  • Third, their powerful engines guzzle expensive gas, lots more if you like to drive fast.   
  • And their insurance costs are out of sight.  Fortunately, you only pay that big bill twice a year. 

If you love Italian sports cars and can afford the high costs, they are a great choice.  But most people cannot afford those extra expenses and opt for a more reliable and cost-effective Toyota instead.

Is Snowflake Your Italian Sports Car?

You certainly can relate to Italian sports car owners if you use Snowflake for data warehousing. 

  • On the plus side, your Snowflake is fun to use and easy to scale, so much better than your historical data warehousing environment.
  • It can be highly performant—zero to sixty in no time. And it has a short stopping distance when you don’t need all that compute power. 
  • Further, it neatly packages many essential functions such as security and availability, improving your driving experience. 
  • And it supports a broad range of workloads and applications, essentially letting you drive any road.

On the Other Hand   

Like an Italian sports car owner, as a Snowflake user, you enjoy all the positives and live with Snowflake’s high costs. 

What are these high costs? 

  • To get the high performance you seek, you must pay-as-you-go for the Snowflake all the compute and storage resources you require. These usage-based costs can add up quickly. 
  • And like every organization, your workload can vary dramatically by the hour, by day, by week, etc.  Usage-based pricing combined with varying workloads is a recipe for unpredictable Snowflake bills

These high, unpredictable Snowflake bills inevitably lead to issues such as:

  • You constantly overspend your anticipated Snowflake credits and need to scramble to obtain more.  
  • Your Finance team keeps requesting you tame your Snowflake bill, but you have a hard time complying. 
  • Your user departments complain about their Snowflake charge-back allocations and, as a result, cut spending on other projects and innovation. 
  • And the time you spend trying to get your Snowflake costs under control means you have less time to do other valuable things. 

Use Keebo to Control Your Snowflake Costs

But you don’t have to live with your high Snowflake costs.  That is if you use Keebo Data Learning alongside Snowflake.

Keebo’s Data Learning platform automatically optimizes your Snowflake warehouses for the highest performance while reducing your costs.  100% of customers who tried Keebo’s automated optimizations reduced their Snowflake usage by an average of around 30%, with at least one seeing an 80% improvement. Lower usage means lower bills, and it is as simple as that.

Fully-automated and intelligent, Keebo Data Learning is painless, takes just minutes to set up, requires zero access to your data, and delivers cost savings in just hours, with zero code, effort, and migration. 

And with Keebo, you only get charged a small percentage of what it saves you on your Snowflake bill.  That’s kind of like getting to drive a Ferrari at the price of a Toyota. A pretty good deal, right?

To take a look under the hood, check out this e-book, Keebo’s Complete Guide to Optimizing Snowflake’s Cost and Query Performance.

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