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Give data teams their time back, boost performance, and save money with fully automated data warehouse and analytics optimizations.

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fully automated

Fully automated

Optimize your cloud data warehouses and queries with zero effort from your team. Keebo learns and adapts in real time to workload changes.



Set up Keebo data warehouse and query optimizations in minutes and see results within 48 hours. No changes are needed
to your warehouse or applications.



You stay in control with Keebo. Configure it to your unique requirements. Data stays secure in your warehouse and all results are tracked in a KPI dashboard.

Put our robots to work

Based on years of cutting-edge research at top universities, Keebo’s patented algorithms bring a ton of benefits to your data team right away

Save money

Through fully automated data warehouse optimization, our customers have saved as much as 70% on warehouse licensing costs. We charge a fraction of what you actually save.

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Boost performance

Stop your dashboard’s spinning wheel of doom and dramatically improve user experience without changing your warehouse or a single line of code.

Free your data team

Set up in minutes and then go work on more important things. Come back to the KPI dashboard to celebrate your savings and performance gains.

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Let’s get started

“I went from ‘this sounds too good to be true’ to ‘this is a no brainer’ after one week of trial.” – Director of BI, Team Velocity


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