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The Snowflake Savings Machine

The only fully-automated Snowflake optimizer, adjusting dynamically to save many customers 25% and more.

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Free-up the data team

AI for Snowflake cost optimization

Based on years of cutting-edge research at top universities, Keebo’s patented technology is the only fully-automated optimizer

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Fully Automated

  • Automatically optimizes warehouse size, clustering, and memory
  • Finds savings without impacting performance
  • Learns and adjusts to workload changes in real time
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  • Sets up in only 30 minutes
  • Get your first savings in 24 hours
  • No changes needed to your warehouse or applications
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  • Uses only telemetry metadata, never user data
  • Full visibility into optimizations and savings
  • Adjustable for complex scenarios and schedules


Other Snowflake “optimization” products can only report, and cannot capture real-time savings opportunities or protect performance 24×7

Keebo: observe and actOthers: observe and report
Real-time optimizationsYesHuman required
Real-time perf. protectionYesHuman required
User controlSet and forgetHuman intervention required
PricingAligned on savingsMisaligned on spend
Monitoring and visibilityPerformance, usage, costPerformance, usage, cost
Approval workflowsNoYes
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Verifiable, secured, controlled

We’re friendly robots, so we never leave you in the dark, and you create rules and conditions for confident set-it-and-forget-it operation

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  • Full visibility into Keebo’s optimizations in real-time
  • Detailed savings reports
  • Snowflake spend analysis
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  • Uses only telemetry metadata, never user data
  • Supports SSO and PrivateLink
  • User roles with fully audited actions
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  • Turn optimizations on or off for each warehouse as needed
  • Set the balance between cost savings and query performance
  • Create rules to account for business scenarios and schedules

Pricing aligned with you

Keebo’s unique pricing ensures that our goals are aligned –
we don’t win unless you win

Option 1:
Keebo on commission

What you pay is based
on what you save

  • Run a free trial to see how much we can save you
  • For each Snowflake credit we save, you consume 1 Keebo credit
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Option 2:
Keebo flat rate

All your optimizations
for a fixed price

  • Run a free trial to see how much we can save you
  • Price based on annual spend, number of warehouses, and estimated savings
  • Predictable price set for the entire term
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Free trial, set up in only 30 minutes

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Proposal with verified savings

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Enjoy saving money and time!


How do I set up Keebo? What access does it require to my Snowflake system?

Setup takes about 30 minutes, and we will step you through it when you are ready to start a trial. You can create your own Keebo accounts or use Okta SSO. Keebo requires access to Snowflake’s usage metadata fields only, and you create the Snowflake account we use to access those fields.

How do you optimize Snowflake? Do you rewrite queries or change WH size?

Keebo’s Warehouse Optimization does not alter your queries. Instead, we constantly monitor and make dynamic optimizations to various aspects of your Snowflake settings, such as warehouse size, auto-spend time, and number of clusters. Importantly, Keebo protects your query performance by performing automated “backoffs” by reverting to your default settings, whenever there is a spike in your workload or query queues are increasing. Further, you can monitor and control all of this as much as you want, or set it and forget it.

What’s the difference between Keebo and other optimization products?

Keebo’s patented technology is the only automated Snowflake optimizer. Other products can only observe your Snowflake systems and then give you reports and sometimes recommendations, leaving you to make the final decisions on which recommendations to implement. But workloads are dynamic, which means you can miss significant savings opportunities if you are not available around the clock. Further, if an optimization later causes query latency, you also need to be around to fix it. Unless you have the luxury of sitting in front of Snowflake 24×7, you should use Keebo instead of one of these “observe and report” products. You can learn more about the difference here.

Is your solution a black box? Will I be able to see and control Keebo’s actions?

Even though Keebo is capable of fully automating optimization, it is never a black box. You are always in charge and have fine-grained control over which optimizations will be applied to each warehouse. You also have full control over the timing of the optimizations. In addition, you can see and verify Keebo’s optimizations as well as audit the actions your team members have taken directly in our user portal.

Does Keebo affect Snowflake query performance?

By default, Keebo only finds optimizations that are very unlikely to negatively affect query latency. We monitor each warehouse’s performance, and if necessary, we will “backoff” our optimization to ensure performance. Additionally, you can change the settings to make our algorithms more aggressive to save more money, or you can choose more conservative settings to make performance slowdowns nearly impossible. You control this for each warehouse using our intuitive slider bar.

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“I went from ‘this sounds too good to be true’ to ‘this is a no brainer’ after one week of trial.” – Director of BI, Team Velocity

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